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 FREE In-Home Design Consultation 


  Bring that alluring finishing touch you deserve. 

   Custom designed and built to your exact needs. 

   High quality construction and expert installation.


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Adepte Limited is Organized Luxury

Your kitchen is the center of your home. Bring the organization you crave and the luxury you deserve into this most important room in the house.

Let Adepete Limited's experienced solution designers create the kitchen of your dreams. We will provide a free in-home consultation and design session. The session will focus on getting the most out of your existing cabinets, drawers and pantries. Our custom pull out shelving solutions increase storage space and organization. You will be able to reach the back of your cabinets - even the bottom ones - with the single pull of a shelf on rails. No more getting on your knees to access your storage areas.

Call 704-575-4008 to speak to a designer for your free in-home consultation. 


Base Cabinets

Unique Elements